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Welcome to SkillsOnline℠. Looking to get that job you have always dreamed of, enhance your current professional skillset, advance your career, train your workforce, or even just continue your own personal enrichment? SkillsOnline℠ can help.

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Registering for your SkillsOnline℠ account allows you to purchase from our Course Catalog which includes over 5000 online courses. It also tracks your course progress and completions.

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Once you have your SkillsOnline℠ account you can purchase the training of your choice. We take online payments via major credit cards and can set up Purchase Orders with your organization.

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Once you have completed your purchase you will have access to your content for the designated term of subscription. Renewal options are available, just reach out to our Customer Support team by phone or email and have your Order Information ready.

If you are looking for a course that you have purchased but not started, please Search for that course, click on the Course from the search results, click on See Details and finally click on the link to the left of the Add to Cart button. To continue a course that you have already started click on the My Training section in the header anywhere on the site and click on Course History and then Courses in Progress.

Courses are delivered in modular 2-4 hour blocks of instruction and include outcome-based learning objectives and activities that allow students to get just-in-time training to acquire needed job skills, personal enrichment and obtain industrial certifications. Courses and programs are highly interactive and only require internet access and a unique valid email address.

Of course, if you have any additional questions, feel free to Contact Us.

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